About McCullough P.C.

McCullough P.C. was formed by Attorneys Sam Rainey and Bart Rinn as a successor entity to the McCullough, Campbell & Lane LLP law firm. Like its predecessor firm, the majority of McCullough P.C.’s work is performed on behalf of foreign insurance organizations, including London market insurers at Lloyd’s, with legal questions arising under the laws of jurisdictions across the country.

Our attorneys frequently act as counsel for insurance and reinsurance programs aimed at specific markets. In this role, we can help with the design of a product, exercise general oversight of claims, and conduct aggregate claim reviews that assist our clients in making underwriting, claims management and reserving decisions. We audit portfolios of claims to set reserves and to evaluate the erosion of aggregate retentions or underlying layers of coverage. In addition, we represent insurance clients in the resolution of coverage disputes, whether between insurer and insured or among multiple carriers.

Because our experience includes cases spanning the United States, and also addressing disputes under foreign law, we believe that we have a competence to serve as monitoring counsel and to handle coverage counseling and litigation regardless of venue.